Proactive Patient Monitoring.

Comprehensive risk analysis.
Without the heavy lifting.

ABA Lite Dashboard

How does it work?

Our pain-free website makes patient monitoring a snap. We operate under a unique model that helps patients stay more connected in their care while providing clinical teams with more data to combat potential complications.

Simple Online Checkups

Patients complete daily online checkups from home, catered to their specific health conditions.

Risk Analysis Processing

Vitals and symptoms are immediately processed by our proprietary risk analysis engine.

Proactive Care

Notifications are sent to relevant clinical team members, allowing for early and relevant care interventions.

Meaningful Results - Beta Test

In an early beta test of cardiothoracic surgery patients, our system achieved some stellar outcomes.


Reduction in readmissions


Regular patient usage

4.5 / 5

Overall Experience

Multifaceted Risk Analysis

Our risk analysis engine is a unique, two-pronged system that scans patient data for early warning signs.

Clinical Best Practices

We confer with subject matter experts to formulate relevant questions and risk weightings for a myriad of medical conditions.

Machine Learning

The product of an extensive data science project, our machine learning system uses patient data to predict future complications.

Modular Structure

We have developed a plethora of modules related to various medical conditions. That list continues to grow.

Heart Failure

... And More.

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